Friends + Thanksgiving

It’s almost hard to write about Thanksgiving now that London seems to be fully (and beautifully) in Christmas mode.   However, since Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, I don’t think I should overlook how well it was celebrated over here.  Not to mention, we had two very close friends in town to make it all the more special.

Since the British do not acknowledge Thanksgiving, and we all had to work on Thursday (a travesty!), we saved up our big turkey feast for the weekend. Instead, we opted for a family style Indian curry on Thursday night at Tayyabs–a delicious, cheap, loud, and most importantly, BYOB spot in East London.  Matt, one of the Doc’s best friends from college, arrived on the day before, and we were glad to expose to him to a London highlight.


While it couldn’t be further from the day my family was enjoying back home, spending the evening with good friends (whom I am very thankful for) and all sharing a meal together, was a great alternative.

My dear friend Katherine and her cousin arrived on Friday after having spent a fabulous week in France.  Our little flat was operating at full capacity, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.  We spent a fun evening out on Friday at one of our favorite ‘locals’ followed with some drinks/dancing at a nearby speakeasy called Barts.  Things took a turn when we discovered the Fancy Dress (ie, costume) box…

photo 2(6)

Saturday may have been the highlight of the weekend.  A proper American style Thanksgiving dinner had been in the works for awhile as we all knew we would miss having a home cooked feast.  Our gracious hosts, Alex and Barlow, packed about 20 of us in their flat.  They provided the bird, an enormous 16 kilo turkey, and everyone else brought their favorite dishes.   Great food, good company, and lots of laughs…not too far off from from my ‘traditional’ Thanksgiving.


tumblr_inline_mx6kkwyide1s4efp4Delicious spread (most of the below photo credit to BlueJeanLady)

tumblr_inline_mx6lawZNgU1s4efp4Come back soon!!

tumblr_inline_mx6lgpKftg1s4efp4All the ladies

tumblr_inline_mx6liiEQve1s4efp4And our patient paparazzi (they were about to kill us)

photo 1(5)Food coma is about to set in

photo 2(5)Thanks to KM for the homemade props

What better way to celebrate all that we are thankful for.  Thanks B & A for hosting such a wonderful night and thanks M & K for coming all the way to London to visit us–you’ll have a bed/sofa anytime you come back!!

Now, onto Christmas…